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2011 Scholarship Recipient: Javier Fernandez Salvador

By Teresa Matteson | June 15, 2011

Javier Fernandez Salvador

R Livesay in IrelanJavier Fernandez Salvador and Teresa Matteson at Native Plant Saled © M. Livesay

Graduate Student at Oregon State University, Horticulture

“In the last year, I took several classes that contributed to my educational experience, including Properties, Processes and Functions of Soils, Biology of Parasitoids, and Food Law amongst several others. I particularly enjoyed the Properties, Processes and Functions of Soils class, which helped me understand the fundamentals of soil chemistry, physics, biology and how they interact to form a complex ecosystem in charge of sustaining life on our planet. I consider soils to be the building blocks for proper agricultural stewardship and it was especially beneficial to understand the wider implications that adequate soil management has on sustainable production for the world.”

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