2014 Conservation Resolutions

conservation resolution
Here at Benton Soil & Water Conservation District we focus on conservation – well, a lot! And it turns out that our partners are taking steps for conservation too. At our holiday gathering on Friday the 20th, party-goers shared their conservation resolutions for 2014. Over fifty resolutions were made by our staff, board members and guests.
These resolutions are representative of the dominant themes:

  1. Drive less, bike more.
  2. Support local farmers.
  3. Grow gardens, make compost.
  4. Grow more veggies/eat less meat.
  5. Fight weeds/plant natives.
  6. Buy less/buy local/repurpose.
  7. Travel less/enjoy Corvallis and the river more.
  8. Conserve water and energy.

If you didn’t make it to the holiday gathering, you can still send us your conservation resolution by email or phone 541-753-7208. Make a resolution and take a step for conservation!