The mission of Benton SWCD is to engage Benton County residents in the conservation and stewardship of natural resources for current and future generations.


We envision a future where the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District’s services encourage people to value and enhance the resiliency and function of land and water from the floodplains of the Willamette River to the mountains and valleys of the Coast Range.

Guiding Principles

Inspirational Leadership

Benton Soil & Water Conservation District leads by example and works with landowners to implement the resource conservation practices that we promote. We enthusiastically engage the public in the protection of natural resources, which makes our community a healthy and economically viable place to live. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our organization and support the success of our stakeholders and partners.

Exceptional Service

We have a talented and highly trained workforce. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to attracting, retaining and supporting quality employees. We foster positive and fruitful relationships with partners and stakeholders on relevant issues.


We ensure sound management and transparency with finances, operations, and programs through annual audits, publicly available documents, and program modifications based on stakeholder feedback.


We are respectful, honest and subscribe to and demonstrate high ethical standards. We value different points of view, embrace diversity and do not discriminate.


We provide the best available options for natural resource management while being mindful of changing stakeholder needs. We seek continuous improvement. We evaluate our programs regularly so that we can address the current and upcoming conservation needs of our community.
Read the Strategic Plan Brochure.
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