Conservation Neighbor: Karrie Woodruff

Karrie, at center with sunglasses, models active listening for her students on a Salmon Watch field trip.

As a Garfield Elementary School teacher, Karrie Woodruff became part of the BSWCD community through Salmon Watch in the fall of 2017. Since fewer Spanish-language resources exist, she creates engaging, hands-on lessons that build from what students know from their surroundings and integrate multicultural perspectives. Read more »

Conservation Neighbor: Molly Monroe

Momlly wearing a blue butterfly tshirt, releasing a monarch butterfly at a preschool event.

Molly Monroe, with her personal and professional dedication to conserving the natural world and its inhabitants, is a role model for all budding and even long-standing conservation practitioners. Read more about this inspiring conservation neighbor! Read more »

Office Closure

Our District staff will be working remotely during this time and can be reached by email. Click here for a list of email addresses and phone extensions. Read more »