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canoes on the Willamette
State of the Willamette
Laura Brown | September 9, 2021

A compilation of presentations and resources from the 2020 State of the Willamette workshop for Willamette Basin restoration partners to share perspectives on the current state of river restoration practice, science, funding, and ways to improve restoration outcomes from local to regional scales.

Conservation Neighbors: The Mellenthins
Laura Brown | December 29, 2020

Matt and Serene Mellenthin know how lucky they are. Their spot on the Willamette River is their paradise.

Conservation Neighbor – Jenny Meisel
Laura Brown | May 15, 2020

Jenny Meisel, like so many of us, has been at home a lot recently. Like, a lot a lot. As in, the most consecutive time at home ever. While working a full-time job as Marion SWCD’s Native and Invasive Species Plant Specialist and simultaneously wrangling her extremely active three-year-old daughter, Jenny has still somehow managed

Invasives – The Parallel between the 45th Parallels
Laura Brown | March 13, 2020

I was hiking along a trail in the Patagonia region of Chile recently, enjoying the 30 mph wind in my face, when I first spotted it… scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius). What?! I was 7,312 miles from Oregon, and more importantly 8,455 miles from Scotland! What was it doing here?! There among the Andes Mountains, glaciers,

Wanting to do some winter weeding? Try English ivy!
Laura Brown | December 11, 2019

What a beautiful show Fall gave us this year! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges that decorated Benton County. Alas, as all the leaves fall and many native species go dormant for the winter, the plant that continues to catch my eye is…you

The Maiden Voyage of the SS WMC!
Laura Brown | June 19, 2019

It was going to be a scorcher… 97 degrees was the predicted high for the Willamette Valley on that mid-June day. Fortunately for Benton SWCD’s Laura Brown and Charity Mundava (a Vera Theiss Fellow with the International River Foundation who had flown in from Australia the day before!) they would be taking Benton SWCD’s brand

River Steward: Scott Youngblood
Laura Brown | June 5, 2019

When Scott Youngblood comes into the room, he doesn’t just bring a wealth of knowledge and a Southern drawl, he brings a contagious enthusiasm for conservation and restoration and an unparalleled love for the Willamette River.

E.D.R.R… what in the world does that mean?
Laura Brown | January 18, 2019

In the world of invasive species, it’s hard enough to keep up with the new species we should be aware of and then we’re expected to relearn the ever-changing genus/species combinations of plants we thought we already knew… On top of it all, we’re supposed to remember all the acronyms…oh the acronyms! Between SWCD’s (Soil

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