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Regenerative Garden Planted in Corvallis Central Park
Owen Dell | December 12, 2021

Click to enlarge! “The world gives us so very much. It gives us our life. All of our neighbors — the ants, spiders, salmon, geese, sharks, seals, cottonwoods, chestnuts — are doing the real work of keeping this planet going. Isn’t it time we did our share?” –Derrick Jensen, from “Endgame: Resistance” The Willamette Valley

What Has Your Garden Been Doing Lately?
Owen Dell | June 14, 2019

Even if your garden is small, it’s helping to regulate the climate.

Book Review: The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Owen Dell | April 24, 2018

This is probably the most revered book on urban planning ever written, and is considered in fact one of the best books of any kind of the last hundred years.

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