Benton County Rural Living Handbook

Rural Road Sunset © A. Napier
Rural Road Sunset © A. Napier

Benton SWCD is happy to provide you with this practical and easy to use guide to the rural lifestyle.

With the help of many partners in our community, the Benton Soil & Water Conservation District created this 88 page document to assist new and prospective rural property owners with topics from being neighborly to pasture management. We hope the information in this guide encourages greater participation in proactive land stewardship and makes life more rewarding for new and long-term residents in Benton County.

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Handbook Highlights

Buying and Developing Rural Property

Includes land use and zoning, legal issues, and other key considerations.

The Rural Experience

Shares tips for being neighborly and outlines the right to farm law.

Land Management

Covers management plans, conservation practices, weed management, rural roads, and fire prevention. Shares tips on habitats and living with nature.

Soil and Water

Outlines the importance of soil, soil management, and soil quality. Contains information on watersheds, water rights, water storage, irrigation, ground water, and water quality.


Includes helpful tips about small farms and agricultural certification programs.

Livestock Management

Describes the requirements of different species, fencing options, and management of pastures, grazing, manure, and mud.


Provides an overview of the state forest protection act, small woodland management, and permit requirements.

Resource Directory

Lists local events and contact information for groups and agencies.

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