Connecting During COVID: Year One

Since the coronavirus pandemic curtailed our ability to offer most in-person volunteer events, tours, workshops, talks, and other educational programming, Benton SWCD began sending out a weekly e-news to help us stay in touch. Here is a table with links to each of the e-news we’ve sent during the first year of the pandemic, from March 23, 2020 through March 19, 2021. Much of the content we created is timeless. If you are looking for an article or handout we provided through the e-news, you will be able to find it through the links below. If you aren’t on our e-news list yet, you can sign up here.

Date sent E-news Title
3/19/21 Feeder Birds and Bird Feeders
3/12/21 Now Accepting Bee Buddies Applications
3/3/21 Birding for Beginners and Winter Wildlife Field Days
2/24/21 Improving Floodplain Function and Habitat Quality in the Upper Muddy Creek Watershed
2/19/21 Making the Outdoors a More Welcoming & Inclusive Space
1/22/21 Native Plants on My Mind
1/15/21 Cooperative Land Management in Benton County
1/7/21 Annual Meeting Invitation
12/31/20 Urban Strategies to Help Birds and Climate
12/18/20 BSWCD Annual Report
12/11/20 Open House Invitation
12/4/20 Feed the birds this winter
11/24/20 Laura Swimming Downstream
11/10/20 Regenerative Landscapes
11/06/20 Turkey facts & salmon viewing
10/30/20 Fall decorating that’s for the birds!
10/23/20 Leave the Leaves
10/16/20 Events from Our Partners
10/09/20 Lookout for Spotted Lanternfly
10/02/20 Birds – Migration & Floodplains
09/25/20 Student Assoc. Director & Luckiamute Meadows
09/18/20 Fire Resources 2
09/10/20 Fire Resources
09/01/20 Fall Bulb and Seed Sale
08/21/20 Hedgerows
08/14/20 NPS Reopens
08/07/20 Native Plants & Bird Connection
07/31/20 Love Your River Reminder
07/24/20 Creek Tours
07/17/20 Summer Irrigation
07/10/20 Love Your River Summer 2020
07/02/20 Guest blogger, birds, & books
06/26/20 Pollinators
06/22/20 Plant Sale Update
06/12/20 Gardening for Birds Premiere…
06/05/20 Birds, People, Plants & BSWCD
05/31/20 Native Plant Sale
05/22/20 Bringing Prairies Home
05/18/20 Bee Buddies Pick Up Message
05/15/20 Pulling together (weeds)
05/08/20 Holding it together (roots)
05/01/20 Let’s visit Finley Refuge together…
04/24/20 The river beckons…
04/17/20 Give your soil a check-up!
04/10/20 What to do about weeds
04/03/20 Bee Friendly to Pollinators
03/27/20 Birds! Watch, Feed, Shelter, and Listen!
03/23/20 A message from Benton SWCD