Conservation Neighbor: Jenny Brausch

By Janette Byrd | December 30, 2020
Jenny at the water's edge
Jenny at the water’s edge

Albany has been Jenny Brausch’s home her whole life, and over 50 of those years have been spent on the Benton County side of town. Jenny grew up in North Albany across the street from Thornton Lake, where she swam often, and has many great memories of playing along the lake’s bank. As a child Jenny was warned to never go in the Willamette River because of the pollution, which she found very sad. Spending time outdoors in childhood gave her an appreciation for the natural world.
Becoming a parent was the start of Jenny’s interest in doing what she could to “save the earth.” Maureen Beezhold, who led the Corvallis Chapter of NW Earth Institute, was a big influence. Jenny took many classes through Maureen and eventually became a volunteer facilitator. Their program opens discussions on sustainability and conservation. When asked what conservation challenges she faces, Jenny says the biggest one is when she feels that what she does doesn’t do enough.
“Then I remember the butterfly effect. Success is seeing the work that BSWCD does. There is so much energy and progress in that organization it gives me hope. The BSWCD staff are an inspiration for me. Because I’ve worked closely with them over the last two years, I’ve been able to see much of what they do. The staff works tirelessly and loyally on the District’s vision and mission. ”

Jenny is BSWCD’s head cashier at the Fall Bulb Sale and Winter Native Plant Sale.
Jenny is BSWCD’s head cashier at the Fall Bulb Sale and Winter Native Plant Sale.

Jenny currently serves as Benton SWCD’s bookkeeper, but she has a long history with the District. The Native Plant Sale (NPS) is how she first became involved with the District. She has even provided some landscape designs. To view her designs, select the “landscape designs” tag on our blog, The Dirt (
Jenny has participated in Teresa’s soil workshops, Salmon Watch field trips led by Heath, and attended several farm tours that showcased Donna’s conservation planning. Not to mention all the fiscal and legal workshops she attends with Holly and Janette to help make sure the District is always in compliance! There is one thing that she hasn’t undertaken just yet. “I really want to spend time with the Bee Buddies and do more with bees and pollinators. That is my current goal.”

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