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Self-Guided Creek Tour Brochures

By Heath Keirstead | September 17, 2013

Karen Hans and tourists at Dixon Creek/Willamette Confluence © H. KeirsteadBenton Soil & Water Conservation District and our partners coordinated Annual Creek Tours to show people fascinating locations around the city from 2008-2017.  Now the Creek Tour brochures are all available online so you can take self-guided tours of Dixon, Oak, Newton, Dunawi, Sequoia, Jackson and Frazier Creeks, and the Mill Race.  Driving and biking are both options. Check out our brochures, grab some friends, and enjoy beautiful sites found right in Benton County’s urban areas!

Dixon Creek

Dixon Creek Tour 2008: Headwaters to Mouth (PDF, 980KB)

Take a self-guided tour and get acquainted with Dixon Creek Watershed! Discover wild places in the city, urban influences on the creek, and how to become a steward.

Dixon Creek Tour 2013: Share the Stream

Visit examples of low impact design that help keep the creek beautiful and healthy for us and our fish and wildlife neighbors as the landscape becomes increasingly urbanized.

Oak Creek

2014 Oak Creek Tour Brochure (PDF, 788 KB)

Oak Creek: A Bridge Through Time. Learn how past and present management practices along the Creek continue to transform the landscape.

2009 Oak Creek Tour Brochure (PDF, 771 KB)
Discover how forests, farms, and football affect the water quality and stream dynamics of Oak Creek.

Newton Creek

Newton Creek Tour Brochure

The Busy Bs of Newton Creek. The Brains, Brawn, and Beavers at Work in the Watershed. Visit five locations and learn how humans and wildlife have used and altered the landscape. Learn more about the history, ecology, and importance of Newton Creek to the Philomath community.

Dunawi Creek

Dunawi Creek Tour 2016: Branches of Life (PDF, 2MB)

Flowing through wetlands, fields, and shopping centers, this tour will introduce you to the many branches of life supported by Dunawi Creek.

Dunawi Creek Tour 2010: Blackberry Jones and the Invaders of Dunawi Creek

Take a self-guided tour and get acquainted with Dunawi Creek Watershed! Discover wild places in the city, urban influences on the creek, and how to become a steward.

Jackson and Frazier Creeks

Jackson and Frazier Creek Tour Brochure (PDF, 1MB)

Jackson and Frazier Creeks: Stream of Consciousness Tour. Visit five fascinating locations to see how we can protect our streams and wetlands and provide wildlife habitat for everyone to enjoy as this beautiful landscape becomes increasingly urbanized.

The Mill Race

Mill Race Creek Tour Blog Posts

Sequoia Creek

Sequoia Creek Tour Brochure

Sequoia Creek Tour: Journey along Sequoia Creek to see how it has been transformed to flow from a natural to a highly urbanized setting, then back again through a more natural corridor.

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Heath Keirstead manages Benton SWCD’s Communications and Community Engagement as well as the Native Plant Program and Youth Education. She has a Master’s in Soil Science from Oregon State University. With a dual passion for people and the planet, she loves building relationships with partners, customers, volunteers, and students.

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