Equipment & Supplies

Equipment & Supplies

The Benton Soil and Water Conservation District has a variety of resources available to the community for watershed enhancement/restoration projects and natural resources education. From planting equipment to educational materials, we try to help you get conservation practices on the ground.

  • Tree Planting Equipment

    Borrow the supplies needed for tree planting.

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  • Nose Pump

    Pasture pump keeps livestock out of stream- borrow for a trial period!

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  • Weed Wrenches

    Weed wrenches are ideal for pulling woody weeds like Scotch broom and spurge laurel.

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  • Soil Quality Test Kit

    Kit includes 12 easy-to-do tests that measure physical, chemical,and biological health of soil.

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  • Soil Samping Equipment

    Borrow our soil augers and probes.

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  • Teacher Resources

    We make our teaching supplies available to you! Lessons and supporting materials on a variety of topics.

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