Flour Power on the Mill Race: 2015 Urban Creek Tour

By Heath Keirstead | May 6, 2015
The Mill Race upstream from Hwy 99. © J. Colson
The Mill Race upstream from Hwy 99. © J. Colson

You are invited to attend the 8th Annual Urban Creek Tour on May 30th from 1-4 pm. Local experts will lead you on this free guided tour of the Mill Race, where you will discover the history, biology, and noteworthy features of this short but significant waterway that turned Corvallis into a major economic force for the Willamette Valley. The tour can be taken by bicycle or by trolley. Contact Heath Keirstead for more information or to RSVP. And if you want to see the inlet and outlet of the Mill Race, a paddle tour down the Marys River is scheduled for June 13th from 1-4 pm. Contact Dave Eckert for more information.

The tour’s planning team has collaborated to present a series of blog posts devoted to the Mill Race. The blog posts are titled:

  1. Industry Generated by the Corvallis Mill Race
  2. Southtown’s Mill Race: Community Benefits
  3. The Mill Race: Community Interest on the Rise
  4. Ditch: A poem about the Mill Race by Abby Metzger

We hope the information presented here piques your curiosity and entices you to attend what promises to be a fascinating journey. Remember to RSVP for the Creek Tour on May 30th and/or Paddle Tour on June 13th.

Flour Power (c) I. Benson
Flour Power (c) I. Benson

Creek Tour shirts are available for anyone who makes a donation to a local environmental non-profit during the month of May or June 2015. $20 donations receive a t-shirt and $30 donations receive a sweatshirt. Just bring a donation receipt in to the BSWCD office to claim your shirt.

The 8th Annual Urban Creek Tour is sponsored by Benton Soil & Water Conservation District, City of Corvallis Stormwater Program, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Water Action Team, and Marys River Watershed Council. Presenters on the May 30th tour include Xan Augerot, Executive Director of Marys River Watershed Council; Phil Sollins, OSU Emeritus Professor of Forest Ecology and Soils; Jeff Schiminksy, President of Natural Opus; Iris Benson, City of Corvallis Stormwater Program Specialist; Anita Ragan, Environmental & Safety Officer, Hollingsworth and Vose Inc.; and graduate students: Andrew Esterson, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology; Sofyan Kurnianto, Department of Fish and Wildlife; Grant Livingston, Water Resources Engineering; Chris Conatser, Water Resources Engineering.


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