From the “Office” Window

By Jenny Brausch | March 24, 2020

Jenny Brausch performs bookkeeping services for Benton SWCD. Her husband, Dee, works for Oregon Department of Transportation and, like many of us, started working from home this week. They have a room in their house setup as an office because Jenny works from home regularly. Her husband doesn’t have a dedicated space so he’s been using their living room, which faces their big bay window. The window looks out into their side yard that is somewhat of a bird sanctuary. They have bird feeders, native plants (red flowering currant, vine maple, fawn lilly, etc) and other non-natives. They’ve been trying to put in plants and habitat that birds will enjoy. As Jenny says, “It’s a work in progress.”

Since Dee’s been home he gets to see the regular bird traffic and since he’s a photographer he set up his camera with zoom lens on a tripod to catch pictures of them. The slideshow above is a collection of photos of his “workmates” that dropped in on March 23rd. It’s just one day of visitors! Pretty amazing and a beautiful, uplifting sight. Dee and Jenny, and the staff at Benton SWCD with whom they shared this slideshow, hope you enjoy!

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