Get on the Soil Quality Map!

By Teresa Matteson | April 11, 2014


What is the Soil Quality Network?

Since the Soil Quality Project began in 2009, farmers and agricultural professionals have asked for information about on-the-ground soil building practices. They want to know what works, lessons learned, workshop information, programs that promote soil health and the latest research.

Today, thanks to the Western SARE-funded Soil Quality Network and time, services and financial support from Oregon State University Small Farms, Conservation Biology Institute and Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District, we have launched the Soil Quality Network Map! This interactive web resource uses a survey format to populate points on a global map. Globally, soil health enthusiasts can share their practices, services and opportunities with the whole wide world.

What is your role in the Soil Quality Network?

Get on the SQN Map!  Invite three people to contribute their soil quality work to the map. Check back regularly to watch the Soil Quality Network spread across continents. The more points on the map, the stronger the network.

Build a future with healthy soils!

Special thanks to Amy Garrett, OSU Small Farms, whose SQN Map brainchild is LIVE! 

About the Author

Teresa Matteson

In 2001, I uprooted my family and moved to Corvallis to pursue a Master’s in Soil Science at OSU. Food waste composting research married with scholarly escapades into soil physics, chemistry and biology prepared me to be a member of the Benton SWCD Team. My passion is to revive regard for soil.

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