Hands-on Work Connects Classroom to Real World

By Teresa Matteson | April 18, 2014


This is one of a series of blogs by OSU students who share the opportunities, experiences and benefits of SQP internships.

Jason Hayes

During my time working on the Soil Quality Project I have had the opportunity to do lab work such as active carbon, aggregate stability and texturing, along with field work such as meeting with land owners to see their practices and to gather samples. All of this hands-on work has allowed me to connect what I’ve learned in the classroom to real world applications. My classes have been much more enjoyable as I now have a frame of reference for the application of what I’ve learned in the classroom. All of this has made me more confident in my chosen field of study, Soil Science.

About the Author

Teresa Matteson

In 2001, I uprooted my family and moved to Corvallis to pursue a Master’s in Soil Science at OSU. Food waste composting research married with scholarly escapades into soil physics, chemistry and biology prepared me to be a member of the Benton SWCD Team. My passion is to revive regard for soil.

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