Plant a Patch of Milkweed!

By Heath Keirstead | January 13, 2016


Are you considering planting milkweed to save the monarchs?

Milkweed has beautifully intricate, dusky-rose flowers and it’s the larval host for the monarch butterfly. The abundant nectar of milkweed flowers attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees, native bees, and other beneficial insects.

Now are you considering planting milkweed to save the monarchs?
BUT- planting ONE showy milkweed or thin-leaved milkweed isn’t enough! It is important to have large, dense clumps of milkweeds for monarch caterpillars. That way, if they fall off (which sometimes happens!) they can easily find a plant to climb back up on! Where will you plant your milkweed? Buy milkweed by January 31 from our Native Plant Sale. We have showy milkweed seeds and plants and thin-leaved milkweed plants.

About the Author

Heath Keirstead

Heath Keirstead manages Benton SWCD’s Communications and Community Engagement as well as the Native Plant Program and Youth Education. She has a Master’s in Soil Science from Oregon State University. With a dual passion for people and the planet, she loves building relationships with partners, customers, volunteers, and students.

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