Plant some Oregon sunshine!

By Sarah Uebel | January 27, 2016
Oregon sunshine © S. Uebel
Oregon sunshine © S. Uebel

Oregon sunshine (Eriophyllum lanatum) is one of my favorite native plants for landscaping. It flowers prolifically in late May and early June, with cheerful, bright yellow flowers. It is popular with the many species of solitary bees that frequent my yard as well as providing a nectar source for butterflies.

The foliage texture and color of Oregon sunshine will be an interesting contrast to other plants in your landscape. The species name means wooly; the leaves are soft wooly hairy on the back side and often have a bluish cast on the upper side. It is easy to grow, but won’t take over your flower beds.   Oregon sunshine also requires little care, which makes it an all around winner in my opinion!

About the Author

Sarah Uebel

Sarah Uebel is a botanist, mycologist and environmental educator. She has a Bachelor's in Botany from Oregon State University in Botany. She is passionate about restoration and conservation of native habitats in Oregon.

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