Hedera helix

Evergreen; 3 to 5-lobed, waxy leaves with lighter colored veings. Long trailing stems can run along the ground or grow vertically up tree or hillsides. Mature growth can produce black to purple berries in late winter or early spring.

ivy cotyledons

Photo credit: Alain.jotterand

ivy inflorescence

Photo credit: Joan Simon


Photo credit: bengt-re

  • ivy cotyledons
  • ivy inflorescence
  • ivy

Plant Details


Forests, woodlands and riparian areas.
Mature Height:
Target Audience:
ODA Listing:
Plant Look Alikes:
Irish and Algerian ivy
Plant Impacts:
Invades native forest habitats and threaten all vegetation levels. Dense thickets suppress germination and growth of native trees and shrubs; can prevent surrounding plants from obtaining sufficient moisture. Berries are toxic to humans.
Plant Links:
English Ivy Management
CWMA Actions List:
containment and removal from priority areas only