Brachypodium sylvaticum

Perennial bunchgrass; grows in short clumps. Leaves are flat, broad and have hairs on leaf edges. Spikelets on top of stems do not have stalks. Grass stems and leaves are a candy apple green color through the growing season.

false brome stems

Photo credit: Glenn Miller

false brome plant

Photo credit: Liz Graham

false brome spikelet

Photo credit: Liz Graham

false brome seed

Photo credit: Kristian Peters

  • false brome stems
  • false brome plant
  • false brome spikelet
  • false brome seed

Plant Details


Roadsides, forest understory, pastures, grasslands, and praries.
Mature Height:
Target Audience:
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Plant Look Alikes:
Columbia brome
Plant Impacts:
Most problematic on rangeland and agronomin crops. Can out-compete native forest understory and grassland vegetation. In commercial forests false brome creates the perfect habitat for rodents that damage tree seedlings. In oak woodlands false brome can suppress the germination of oak seedlings. False brome appears to have low palatability for wildlife and livestock. This grass0 may increase fire risks due to the build up of a heavy layer of thatch.
Plant Links:
King County False Brome Information
CWMA Actions List:
containment and removal from priority areas only