Rubus bifrons

Large, broad, rounded evergreen leaves with large toothed leaflets; short white hairs. Straight or curved spines with thick bases. Small white to pink flowers in May-September. Berries are black when mature, oblong and glossy.

blackberry bush

Photo credit: Leslie J. Mehrhoff

blackberry fruits

Photo credit: John M. Randall

blackberry flowers

Photo credit: John M. Randall

  • blackberry bush
  • blackberry fruits
  • blackberry flowers

Plant Details


Roadsides, fencerows, fields, canal and ditch banks as well as riparian areas and other disturbed sites. Can tolerate periodic flooding.
Mature Height:
Target Audience:
ODA Listing:
Plant Look Alikes:
Native blackberry, Pennsylvania and Elmlead blackberry
Plant Impacts:
Outcompetes native vegetation and creates impenetrable blackberry thickets which crowd out native vegetation and prevent wildlife from foraging.
Plant Links:
King County info for Himalayan blackberry
CWMA Actions List:
containment and removal from priority areas only