Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Trailing evergreen shrub that grows in dense mats up to 1′ tall. It has leathery spoon-shaped leaves and pinkish-white urn-shaped flowers that droop in a terminal cluster. Its berries are bright red and look like miniature apples that persist through the winter.

kinnikinnik flower

Photo credit: Dave Powell

kinnikinnik whole plant

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

kinnikinnik leaf and berry

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

kinnikinnik from Wikimedia

Photo credit: Wikimedia

  • kinnikinnik flower
  • kinnikinnik whole plant
  • kinnikinnik leaf and berry
  • kinnikinnik from Wikimedia

Plant Details


for dry areas
Mature Height:
6” – 12”
Shade Preference:
Full Sun,
Soil Tolerance:
Well drained
Special Uses:
Attracts humingbirds, insects, bees and butterflies; Ornamental; Deer resistant