Philadelphus lewisii

Attractive compact deciduous shrub, loosely branched, that grows up to 10′ tall and has flaky brown bark. The leaves are egg-shaped and smooth. Cluster of 1-2″ wide aromatic flowers grow at the end of lateral branches.

mock orange flower

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

mock orange in containers

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

mock orange inflorescence

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

Mock orange in bloom
  • mock orange flower
  • mock orange in containers
  • mock orange inflorescence
  • Mock orange in bloom

Plant Details

Oak woodland
Upland Prairie and Savanna
Riparian Forests
Bottomland Forests
Plant at low elevation.
Mature Height:
Shade Preference:
Full Sun, Partial Shade,
Soil Tolerance:
All but wet soil
Special Uses:
Attracts insects, bees and butterflies; Attracts birds; Attracts hummingbirds; Wildlife forage, cover and food; Deer resistant
Arboretum Locations:
Cheldelin Middle School Arboretum
Crescent Valley High School Arboretum
Year(s) Planted:
2011, 2010