Clematis vitalba

Perennial, woody vine. Creamy white flowers in summer, 1” wide. Seed heads persist through winter; hairy looking seed heads.

old man's beard flowers

Photo credit: Liz Graham

Old Man's Beard leaves and seed heads

Photo credit: Liz Graham

old man's beard whole plant

Photo credit: Robert Videki

  • old man's beard flowers
  • Old Man's Beard leaves and seed heads
  • old man's beard whole plant

Plant Details

Target Audience:
ODF, forestry, garden clubs, anyone doing riparian work
ODA Listing:
Plant Look Alikes:
western white clematis
Plant Impacts:
Creeping vine has the ability to blanket shrubs and trees over 60 feet tall; plants grow on the ground in layers several feet thick, preventing the regeneration of any vegetation beneath.  By increasing the amount of dead material in forests, old man’s beard destroys food sources for native wildlife.
Plant Links:
King County Old Man's Beard
CWMA Actions List:
collect data, fund with ODA grant