Cytisus scoparius

Evergreen; stems are distinctly 5-ridged, with leaves that are 3-parted. Stems may be leafless much of the year. Fruit pods are flattened with hairs mostly at seams. Pea-like flowers, not fragrant, vary from yellow to red in color and occur single or paired. French broom blooms before Scotch broom, Spanish broom flowers late in summer when Scotch broom is nearly done flowering.

Scotch broom seed pods

Photo credit: Liz Graham

Scotch broom plant © Eric Coombs

Photo credit: Eric Coombs

Scotch broom stem and leaf

Photo credit: Tom Heutte

  • Scotch broom seed pods
  • Scotch broom plant © Eric Coombs
  • Scotch broom stem and leaf

Plant Details


Open disturbed sites, roadsides, paastures, grasslands, oak woodlands, riparian corridors and open forests.
Mature Height:
Target Audience:
ODA Listing:
Plant Look Alikes:
Other brooms
Plant Impacts:
Form dense stands that often displace native vegetation and wildlife. When a stand infests a forested area it increases potential fire hazard. It also hinders conifers from reestablishing.
Plant Links:
Bugwood entry for Cytisus spp.
CWMA Actions List:
containment and removal from priority areas only