Daphne laureola

Evergreen; dark green, glossy, long oblong, spirally arranged leaves. Yellow-green, honey-scented, bell shaped flowers that grow in clusters between leaves at tops of stems. Green to black egg shaped berries.

Spurge Laurel Leaves

Photo credit: Rick Johnson

Spurge Laurel Plant

Photo credit: Rick Johnson

Spurge Laurel Leaves Green

Photo credit: Rick Johnson

  • Spurge Laurel Leaves
  • Spurge Laurel Plant
  • Spurge Laurel Leaves Green

Plant Details


Oak woodlands and shady areas.
Mature Height:
Target Audience:
oak restoration
ODA Listing:
Plant Look Alikes:
Rhodies, Andromeda
Plant Impacts:
Poses a threat to Douglas fir forests and Oak woodlands. The shrub0 forms thick patches that block out sunlight, out-compete native flora, alter the soil chemistry, and potentially alter natural succession. The leaves, bark, and berries are toxic to mammals.
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King County Spurge laurel info ODA Spurge Laurel Info
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education and outreach