Lilium columbianum

Perennial erect flower that grows up to 4′ tall and has narrow lance-shaped leaves that are 1-4″ long. Flowers May to August. The showy characteristic lily flowers are bright orange with red/ purple spots near the center. The flower hangs downward and the petals curl backwards toward the stem.

Tiger Lily Flower

Photo credit: Seven Oak Native Nursery

Tiger Lily buds

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

Tiger Lily plant

Photo credit: Clarence E Jones 3

  • Tiger Lily Flower
  • Tiger Lily buds
  • Tiger Lily plant

Plant Details

Oak woodland
Upland Prairie and Savanna
Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forest or Woodland
Wet Prairie
Meadows, thickets, open forests and clearings.
Mature Height:
Shade Preference:
Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade,
Soil Tolerance:
Moist, well-drained soil
Special Uses:
Attracts insects, bees and butterflies; Ornamental