Butterfly Flower Seed Mix

A FALL BULB AND SEED SALE ITEMApproximately 1,300 seeds per packet; 1 packet covers approximately 57 square feet. Created by Heritage Seedling, Inc., this mix is 100% forbs and 0% grasses. 91,139 seeds/lb 8-11 lb/ac = 17-23 seeds/ft2Max height 3 ft in flower.

Species included*
(*l=larval host, n=nectar, a=annual, all others are perennial)
  • Allium amplectens (n)
  • Camassia quamash (n)
  • Collomia grandiflora (n) (a)
  • Eriophyllum lanatum (n)
  • Iris tenax (n)
  • Lomatium nudicaule (l)
  • Lomatium utriculatum (n)
  • Lotus purshianus (l) (n) (a)
  • Lupinus polycarpus (L. micranthus) (l) (a)
  • Phacelia heterophylla (n)
  • Plagiobothrys figuratus (n) (a)
  • Plagiobothrys nothofulvus (n) (a)
  • Plectritis congesta (n) (a)
  • Prunella vulgaris v. lanceolata (n)
  • Potentilla glandulosa (l)
  • Ranunculus occidentalis (n)
  • Rupertia physodes (l)
  • Sidalcea malviflora ssp. virgata (l) (n)
  • Wyethia angustifolia (n)
  • Viola praemorsa (l) (n)

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