Asclepias fascicularis

Narrow-leaved Milkweed bloom
narrowleaf milkweed
  • Narrow-leaved Milkweed bloom
  • narrowleaf milkweed

Full Description

Beautifully intricate dusky-rose flowers in crown-like umbels. This is the larval host plant for monarch butterflies.

Plant Details

Oak woodland
Upland Prairie and Savanna
Riparian Forests
Wet Prairie
Found in open areas, abandoned farmland, roadsides, near streams.
Mature Height:
Shade Preference:
Full Sun,
Soil Tolerance:
Well drained moist to dry soils; Tolerates seasonal flooding; Narrow-leaved milkweed tolerates drier conditions than showy milkweed in general
Special Uses:
Attracts bees and butterflies, particularly monarchs. Sap poisonous if consumed. Deer resistant
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