Asclepias speciosa

milkweed flowers

Photo credit: Seven Oaks Native Nursery

milkweed leaf
showy milkweed flowers
showy milkweed
  • milkweed flowers
  • milkweed leaf
  • showy milkweed flowers
  • showy milkweed

Full Description

Beautiful scent, rosy-pink starburst flowers in spherical clusters in summer. Silvery foliage. Nectar source for monarch butterflies. It is important to have large, dense clumps of milkweeds for monarch caterpillars. That way, if they fall off (which sometimes happens!) they can easily find a plant to climb back up on! For more information view this milkweed plant fact sheet.

Plant Details

Oak woodland
Upland Prairie and Savanna
Wet Prairie
Mature Height:
Shade Preference:
Full Sun,
Soil Tolerance:
Moderate moisture; tolerates seasonal flooding;showy milkweed is water loving (Narrow-leaved milkweed tolerates drier conditions than showy milkweed in general)
Special Uses:
Attracts insects, bees and butterflies; Ornamental; Deer resistant