Domestic Animals

Molly, Jarod, Amelia and the family dog on a hike
Molly, Jarod, Amelia, and the family dog on a hike


Dogs and cats must be under control and on your property at all times. Free roaming dogs are a threat to livestock and wildlife. Farmers and ranchers have the right to protect their livestock and in some cases may destroy animals that threaten their livestock. Dog owners whose dogs injure or kill livestock will be held financially responsible and such dogs may be euthanized. In Benton COunty it is the owner’s responsibility to license and vaccinate pets against rabies. Your pet should have a collar and identification tags.

Goats eat ivy 2014 OSU
Goats eat ivy 2014 OSU


Raising animals can provide environmental benefits and economic vitality to a piece of property. Goats, for example, can assist with brush management, produce marketable milk and cheese, and provide manure that can be used as a soil amendment. Depending on the species you raise, your livestock will need different amounts of water and other elements to be healthy and keep the land healthy. 

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