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The archives are organized using SWAPA+H: a framework developed by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Each letter in SWAPA+H represents a resource that should be considered in the context of conservation: Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals and Humans.







Philomath High School Compost Project

In 2004, Benton County Health Department recruited Philomath High School juniors for a compost research project.

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Fish Passage Projects Map

Fish Passage

The program involved compiling all available fish passage barrier and fish habitat inventory data in Benton County with the goal of identifying, prioritizing and planning fish passage and stream restoration projects.

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Alsea Teen Weed Spotters, 2011 & copy; Keirstead

Weed Spotters

Weed Spotters volunteers were trained to identify and control invasive species.

Teen Weed Spotters

From 2011 to 2016, Teen Weed Spotters was a cooperative program between Benton SWCD and OSU Extension Services, Benton County 4-H.

Neighborhood Captains

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