Philomath Compost Project

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Benton County Health Department an Environmental Justice Grant in 2004. One goal of the grant was to increase high school students’ awareness and knowledge of local environmental issues. Benton County Health Department recruited Philomath High School juniors for a compost research project. The students selected topics, wrote literature reviews and contacted professionals in the community to serve as their mentors. Research projects designed around the students’ interests became the foundations for their senior project presentations in May 2007.

PHS Compost Project Decription

A group of three high school seniors worked with teachers and community mentors to set up a series of studies, interpret results, and create a method of displaying their results.

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Nitrogen Levels in Manure

One student studied the changes in forms of nitrogen in a compost pile as it matured.

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Life Underfoot

Another student’s role in the Philomath’s Compost team included measuring and watching the levels of E-coli throughout the pile’s life as well as the diversity of invertebrates and their effect on the pile throughout maturation.

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