A barrier to fish passage © D. Schmitz In 2001, Benton SWCD received funding from an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant to implement the Benton Fish Passage Improvement Program (BFPIP). The program demonstrated a successful cooperative effort between Benton SWCD, Benton County Public Works and GIS Departments, and the local watershed councils (Marys, Alsea, and Luckiamute). The program involved compiling all available fish passage barrier and fish habitat inventory data in Benton County into one GIS database with the goal of identifying, prioritizing and planning fish passage and stream restoration projects throughout Benton County. The fish passage program obtained pertinent information from cities, county, state, federal agencies, and private landowners. This program was designed to benefit the survival of threatened and endangered fish species of Steelhead Trout, Coho and Chinook Salmon, as well as Cutthroat Trout that are found in the different watersheds of Benton County. These species are important to communities, commerce, and the interest of the public. The Benton Fish Passage Improvement Program was not affiliated with any regulatory agencies nor did it enforce any regulations; it was simply a way to inventory barriers and work with landowners to help secure funding to remove fish passage barriers on their lands and to open up stream miles to fish.


USDI Bureau of Land Management
USDA Forest Service
Benton County
Oregon Department of Forestry
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Marys River Watershed Council
Luckiamute Watershed Council
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

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