What You Can Do to Stop the Invasion

Choose native plants for gardening:

Don’t be a Weed Transporter!

  • When hiking or boating, clean dogs, shoes, and clothes before you leave an infested area, even if uncertain of weeds in the area.
  • While out enjoying rivers and streams, take precautions to stop aquatic hitchhikers.

Report Invaders

The most cost effective way to avert the economic and ecological consequences of invasive species is through Early Detection and Rapid Response.

Check the list of Priority Invaders for Benton County, and the Benton County Aquatic Weed Guide.

To report a sighting:

  • For any invader: If you spot a potential NEW invasive species in Benton County, please report it to the Oregon Invasives Hotline via web or phone. Call toll-free 1-866-INVADER (1-866-468-2337). You may also call this number if you have a question regarding a specific invasive pest.

Follow sightings with the online map at oregoninvasiveshotline.org!

Learn about plants at one of our volunteer events:

Our site coordinators and on-site noxious weed experts will assist you in identifying native plants and noxious weeds. Join a Love Your River workshop or paddle and weed pull day on the Willamette River, hosted by members of the Willamette Mainstem Cooperative. Or join us during Oregon’s Invasive Weed Awareness week each spring at one of our local parks to pull weeds from the places we love with members of the Benton County Cooperative Weed Management Area.