Butterfly Garden Design by Jenny Brausch

A Garden Plan for Butterflies – Because of the Willamette Valley’s wet climate, butterflies are not as frequent here as drier, sunnier parts of the U.S. Our yards need special attention to make them enticing for our fluttery friends. This 30 x 40 ft. design created by Jenny Brausch utilizes the plants that Bruce Newhouse suggested in his butterfly gardening blog post on our website.


Beth Young Edible backyard designNative and Edible: A Backyard Design – Native edibles are low-care (if planted in the right place) because they are uniquely adapted to our soil, weather, and seasons. And while they are providing berries for our jam, they are feeding and housing our birds, bees, bugs and other native critters that badly need our help. Plan created for BSWCD by Beth Young.


Wildlife Garden DesignWildlife-Design_Jenny_Brausch – This garden, designed by Jenny Brausch, provides support for a variety of wildlife. The key ingredients to a healthy wildlife environment are shelter, food and water. This design incorporates all three of these important features.


Butterflies and beneficials design by Beth YoungButterflies and Beneficials Garden Design – This plan by Beth Young provides for butterflies and for beneficial insects, those insects and arachnids that kill troublesome bugs and thus improve the health of the entire garden ecosystem.


Pollinator garden design by Signe Danler

Sunny Pollinator Garden – Designed by Signe Danler for a typical suburban backyard, this 40’ x 25’ pollinator garden features showy native Willamette Valley plants.




Hedgerow for Birds Landscape DesignHedgerow for Pollinators – This 100 by 40 foot hedgerow plan designed by Donna Schmitz is intended for the north edge of a field and is primarily designed to attract pollinators.



Rain Garden – Because they are adapted to our seasonal rainfall patterns, many of our Northwest natives (e.g. Sedges, Rushes, Douglas Spirea, Swamp Rose, Iris, Red-stemmed Dogwood) make superior raingarden plants. This plan was designed by David Sandrock.


Beth Young Rain Garden DesignAnother Rain Garden Design – This design was created by Beth Young. It features Evergreen Huckleberry, Douglas Spiream Sword Fern, Clustered Rose, Great Camas, Yellow Monkeyflower, and more.


A Shade Garden – Another garden designed by Beth Young, this shady corner garden features Viburnum, Huckleberry, Vine Maple, Snowberry, and Oregon Grape.

Beth Young Shade Garden