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75% of the flowering plants rely to some degree on pollinators in order to set seed or fruit.

60% of all flowering plants species are suffering from a lack of pollination.

We can all provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for our native pollinators. Join us in learning about the important insects and birds that pollinate crops and native plants in the Willamette Valley! Check our calendar regularly for upcoming events.

How You Can Help

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Learn three ways you can make a difference for many of the native pollinators in the Willamette Valley.

Help the pollinators

Bee Buddies

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We loan mason bee nesting kits to gardeners and fruit growers who want to boost fruit yields and support native pollinators. We maintain the bees, so Bee Buddies can reap the rewards without worrying about the details.

Bee a buddy!

Blog Articles about Pollinators

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We’re continually adding new articles and information about pollinators and what can be done to help them. Check out this list of recent articles in our blog, “The Dirt.”

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