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Helping people help the land!

That is the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) motto. NRCS is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s principal agency for providing conservation technical assistance to private landowners, conservation districts, tribes, and other organizations. NRCS professionals work in nearly every U.S. county. Follow the link to the national NRCS website. There you will find a wealth of field-tested, science-based conservation information that is free to the public.


Curious about the soil beneath your feet? Visit the NRCS Web Soil Survey (WSS). Before you click the big green button marked START WSS, please click the RIGHT sidebar topics listed under “I want to…”. Once you open the WSS, look at the sidebar to enter address or other location information. Alternatively, you can select an Area of Interest (AOI) on the map. Still curious, yet perplexed? Call your local NRCS office for friendly help.

NRCS in Oregon

Interested in NRCS opportunities closer to home? Narrow your focus to check out the Oregon NRCS website. Each state adapts the NRCS priorities to match the needs of local landowners. For an overview of the NRCS Oregon approach, read the Strategic Approach to Conservation. Keep browsing. You’ve found some conservation-minded people.

NRCS in Benton County

Since 1956, Benton SWCD Directors and staff have helped connect Benton County landowners with NRCS resources and programs. Benton SWCD is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the local Tangent Field Office and Oregon NRCS staff.

Click here to read about NRCS funding opportunities in Benton County.

Local Contacts

Would you like to email an inquiry or question to someone about NRCS opportunities?

Amy Kaiser, NRCS District Conservationist

Donna Schmitz, Benton SWCD Resource Conservationist II

Teresa Matteson, Benton SWCD Resource Conservationist I

Landowners Receive $258,513 in NRCS EQIP Payments

Over the past year, Benton Soil and Water Conservation District worked with the NRCS Tangent Field Office to certify backlogged Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) practices. Our work helped distribute payments of $253,513 to Benton County landowners who implemented conservation practices on their land.

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Nutrient Management for Diverse Vegetable Growers: A Workshop

Conservation outreach is an important part of our work with NRCS. We helped Oregon State University Extension Small Farms and NRCS provide a workshop titled Nutrient Management for Diversified Vegetable Growers on February 8, 2020.

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NRCS Local Work Groups

NRCS work is based on local needs. Each year a Local Work Group meets to share past projects, highlight areas of interest, and discuss funding priorities.

Help NRCS select the next local funding priorities.