Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Program provides technical support and some administrative oversight services to the 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout Oregon. Benton SWCD partners with ODA to assist landowners through the Ag Water Quality Program and associated Focus Area and Strategic Implementation Area programs.

Ag Water Quality Program

manure management

In 1993, the Oregon Legislature passed the Agricultural Water Quality Management Act, Senate Bill 1010, directing the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to develop plans and associated regulations to prevent and control water pollution from agricultural activities and achieve water quality standards. The legislation also required the involvement of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) as much as possible.

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Jackson Frazier Focus Area

Frazier Creek

A Focus Area is a small watershed within an Agricultural Water Quality Management Area. The focus area concept evolved as a way to document the effectiveness of water quality improvement programs. Twenty-five percent of the funds that SWCDs receive from ODA are directed to a Focus Area. The Focus Area in Benton County is the Jackson-Frazier Watershed.

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Upper Muddy Creek Strategic Implementation Area

Hazelnut planting

ODA is applying the Strategic Implementation approach, where selected areas around the state will receive outreach and education to address water quality concerns. Upper Muddy Creek Watershed is the Strategic Implementation Area in Benton County.

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