What We Offer for You

Everyone has a role to play in the conservation of natural resources. We are here to help you access the tools you need to protect and maintain natural resources like soil, water, and wildlife habitat.

Rainshine Sampling © T.Matteson
Natalie Allen collects soil at Rainshine Farm

Farmers and Rural Residents

The rural lands you manage can benefit from the implementation of conservation practices. Common improvements include installation of efficient irrigation systems, cover crops, manure compost facilities, and fences to keep livestock out of creeks. We’ll help you get started.

Gardeners and Urban Residents

Urban residents can conserve natural resources too. You may choose to plant native species and avoid weedy ornamentals, design a rain garden or a bioswale, or install a rainwater harvest system. We’ll help you get the information you need.

bikes on road © H. Crosson
bikes on road © H. Crosson


With so many trails to visit and so much wildlife to view, we provide some resources to assist you in your recreational pursuits.

Jamie pulling Ludwigia.
Volunteers pulling invasive water primrose.


You might be a student, a retiree, or someone new to the area. We have a volunteer opportunity for you! Help us pull weeds, distribute native plants, or teach youth. Long-term volunteers and interns collect and analyze data, monitor restoration sites, and more. Volunteering is a wonderful way to network within the local conservation community.

Jennifer Allen and students
Jennifer Allen and students

Educators & Students

We offer grants for educators to teach about natural resources and implement conservation practices. We also provide lessons and the equipment you need to teach them.

swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight
swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight

Conservation Community Network

Our work brings people together. Get to know the other organizations we partner with to provide outstanding opportunities for engagement. 

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