Conservation Community Network

swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight
swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight

Conservation Community Network

Our work brings people together, from everyone, if you represent a community group that works with the people and places of Benton County, we want to work with you. Let’s explore how we can work together. Sometimes we provide financial support and can act as fiscal manager for small groups, sharing information about projects, meeting facilitation and decades of local knowledge. Our aim is to grow relationships between people and place.



Natural Resources Conservation Service, formerly known as the Soil Conservation Service, is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture that provides technical assistance to farmers and other private landowners and managers.

OSU Extension Service

OSU Extension partners with communities in every county of Oregon to provide information, services and expertise to meet local challenges.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture remains able to serve the changing needs of Oregon’s diverse agricultural and food sectors to maintain and enhance a healthy natural resource base and strong economy in rural and urban communities across the state.​

Marys River Watershed Council

Marys River Watershed Council works to inspire and support the voluntary stewardship of the Marys River Watershed in Benton, County Oregon.

Luckiamute Watershed Council

The Luckiamute Watershed Council (LWC) is a diverse group of volunteers who work together to learn about the watershed and to improve water quality and habitat conditions.

OSU Clean Water Conference

The live conference, featuring lectures with audience Q&A, virtual project displays, special features, and more took place Sept. 1, 2020.

Long Tom Watershed Council

For 21 years The Long Tom Watershed Council has worked on behalf of its community to build a culture of neighbors helping neighbors to do the right thing for land & water in the home we share.

Greenbelt Land Trust

Greenbelt Land Trust protects the places that are most important to you today, before they are lost tomorrow.

Institute of Applied Ecology

IAE’s vision is a world where all people and wildlands are healthy and interact positively, biological diversity flourishes, and environmental challenges are met with a social commitment to solving problems with scientific principles.

Central Electric Cooperative

Central Electric Cooperative is one of Oregon’s 18 member-owned cooperative electric utilities.

swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight
swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight

Conservation Districts in Oregon

Regions and directory of districts.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is an agency of the US federal government within the US Department of the Interior dedicated to the management of fish, wildlife, and natural habitats.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Our mission is to protect and enhance Oregon’s fish and wildlife and their habitats for use and enjoyment by present and future generations.

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