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Educators & Students

Educators & Students

We offer grants for educators to teach about natural resources and implement conservation practices. We also provide lessons and the equipment you need to teach them.

biddy biddy seedling
biddy biddy seedling

Funding Opportunities

Benton SWCD Conservation Education Grant for funding major or minor efforts in Natural Resources Education.

Salmon Watch Field Trips

BSWCD coordinates the Linn Benton Salmon Watch field trips for schools in Benton County. All fifth grades in Benton County are invited to participate in this excellent field trip program.

Youth Education

The Benton Soil & Water Conservation District is committed to serving the youth and educators of Benton County.

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Heath Keirstead | March 19, 2021

Since the coronavirus pandemic curtailed our ability to offer most in-person volunteer events, tours, workshops, talks, and other educational programming, Benton SWCD began sending out a weekly e-news to help us stay in touch. Here is a table with links to each of the e-news we’ve sent during the first year of the pandemic, from

Conservation Neighbor: Karrie Woodruff
Heath Keirstead | December 30, 2020

As a Garfield Elementary School teacher, Karrie Woodruff became part of the BSWCD community through Salmon Watch in the fall of 2017. Since fewer Spanish-language resources exist, she creates engaging, hands-on lessons that build from what students know from their surroundings and integrate multicultural perspectives.

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Gaia Girls: Enter the Earth has an optimistic message of standing up for your beliefs and it’s a great adventure story written for 9-13 year olds.

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