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Youth Education

Youth Education

The Benton Soil & Water Conservation District is committed to serving the youth and educators of Benton County. To this end, we participate in and offer a variety of programs and resources including:

  • Salmon Watch

    BSWCD coordinates Salmon Watch field trips for Benton County Schools. Our goal is to get all fifth graders out on a Salmon Watch field trip each fall. Salmon Watch information can be found at the Linn Benton Salmon Watch website.

    Linn Benton Salmon Watch is hiring a volunteer coordinator for Fall of 2021.

    View the job description!

  • Lessons

    Lessons that we have created and tested and are happy to share with you.

    View Lessons

  • Supplies and Equipment

    Supplies and equipment are available for you to borrow. Ask us about using the weed wrenches, curriculum guides, soil tunnel, soil testing equipment and more!

    View Equipment

  • Conservation Education Grants

    Conservation Education Grants for formal and non-formal educators working in Benton County.

    Learn More

  • Summer Ag Institute Scholarships

    Summer Ag Institute Scholarships for educators working in Benton County to attend Session #1 of the Summer Ag Institute.

    Learn More

  • Participation in Educational Field Days

    Some examples include: Forest Camp and Girl Scout Camp.

    Learn More

  • School Science Nights

    Support for and attendance at School Science Nights.

  • Student Mentoring

    BSWCD staff occasionally mentor K-12 students working on senior projects or other community service efforts related to natural resources or outreach. Contact us to find out more.

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  • Internships and Student Projects

    We occasionally create internships for students interested in pursuing careers in outreach, environmental education and natural resources conservation.

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