Soil Studies

students learning outdoors
students learning outdoors
  • Teachers Guide to Soil Lessons

    Lessons include what is soil, soil functions, soil texture, infiltration, and more. PDF, 368 KB

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  • Influence of Soil Textures

    This chart illustrates how soil texture influences its function.

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  • Student Soil Quality Card and Teacher Guide

    This is a student version of the Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card © 1998 by Oregon State University Extension Service. The student version was created with funding from the USDA Risk Management Education Partnerships Program grant.

    For best results, use in conjunction with this Teacher Guide.

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  • Soil Texture By Feel Method

    An easy-to use flow chart to help you and your students determine soil texture by hand.

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  • The Soil Tunnel Scavenger Hunt

    Borrow the soil tunnel for events or invite District staff to schedule a visit. The soil tunnel is an immersive experience for students to get down in the earth to explore the many owners of the soil. This  4ft wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long PVC structure comes with a scavenger hunt activity. Click here for the scavenger hunt.

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Plant Lessons and Activities

  • Bird and Tree BINGO

    This is a bilingual English/Spanish BINGO card with fun activities students can do at-home or on schoolgrounds.

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  • Invasive Plant BINGO

    We’ve created 8 versions of this weed BINGO card to help you and your friends compete to learn the common weeds of the mid-Willamette Valley.

    Play Weed BINGO!

  • Native and Invasive Plant BINGO

    Bring these cards on your next hike to help you become familiar with native and invasive plants of Benton County. There are 21 versions of the card so you can play with your class, your friends, your family…

    Learn your plants!

Pollinator Discovery

Mason Bee Relay
Mason Bee Relay
  • Mason Bee Relay

    Introduce pollinators with a focus on mason bees. Use the mason bee relay game to reinforce the concept that mason bees pollinate to gather food for their offspring.

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Macroinvertebrates as Indicators of Stream Health

4 line drawings of mayflies
4 line drawings of mayflies
  • Water Quality and Macroinvertebrates

    Teach students how aquatic invertebrates can be used to assess stream health with this fun lesson.

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  • Stream Invertebrates Graph

    Print this graph to use with the macros lesson.

    Stream invertebrates graph

  • Stream Invertebrates Illustrations

    Print up these three charts of macroinvertebrates to use with the macros lesson.

    Stream Invertebrates

Related Resources

For additional information, we recommend:
  • Planting guide for native bare-root trees, shrubs, bulbs, and seeds

    Planting guide for native bare-root trees, shrubs, bulbs, and seeds

    Ensure successful planting by following our tips and tricks for determining planting depth, how to water, ongoing care, and more.

  • Conservation Chutes And Ladders

    Conservation Chutes and Ladders is a game for all ages. Follow the game board from 1-100 and discover opportunities for everyone in Benton County to adopt new conservation practices and get to know the program of the District at the same time! Whether your journey includes more chutes or ladders is not important because EVERYONE WINS WITH CONSERVATION! Artwork by Kathleen Hill.

  • BSWCD Brochure

    Envision your role in conservation. Everyone has a role to play in conservation. We are here to help you access the tools you need to protect and maintain natural resources like soil, water, and wildlife habitat. Find out more.

  • Willamette Valley Host Plants for Butterflies

    Willamette Valley Host Plants for Butterflies

  • Butterfly Gardening Handout

    Native Plants for Butterfly Gardening, 4 pages

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