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Native Plant Program

Native Plant Program Overview

Growing native plants helps preserve endangered species and discourage invasives, supports bees and other pollinators, and creates beautiful natural spaces. It’s also fun to get to know the plants you see in natural areas.

    Taylor at the 2014 Native Plant Sale. © H. Crosson

    Native Plant Sale

    Native plants are great for birds, pollinators, and wildlife! Native plants are great for healthy habitats, and evolved to thrive with our local climate.

    Each year we hold a fall bulb and seed sale and a winter sale of bareroot and containerized native plants.

    For the winter sale, customers place orders from early June through early July for access to the full selection. The online catalog closes about a week into July and reopens August 15, then remains open until December 31 or until all plants are sold; whichever comes first. The order pick-up dates are early February at Davis Family Farm.

    > Learn more about the Native Plant Sale and shop!

    An image of this small evergreen shrub with cluster of small, bring white flowers. Photo by Matt Lavin.CC BY SA 2.0

    Native Plant Database

    We have a large searchable data base of plants that are native to the Willamette Valley and other parts of Benton County. View images and filter the list by plant characteristics

    Get to know native plants!

    swallowtail butterfly drinking from a pink flower while in flight

    Using Native Plants to…

    Create Prairie Habitat –

    According to Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, only 7% of historic oak woodlands and 4% of oak savanna and upland prairie habitats still exist, and most of it is in private ownership. Learn more about prairies and how to create prairies and meadowscapes.

    Support Pollinators –

    60% of all flowering plants species are suffering from a lack of pollination. We can all provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for our native pollinators. Join us in learning about the important insects and birds that pollinate crops and native plants in the Willamette Valley!

    Support Birds –

    Our informative brochures and bird-friendly landscape designs will help you give birds the four basic things they need: 1) Water, 2) Cover, 3) Nest sites, and 4) Food.


    Program Contact

    Heath Keirstead
    Communications and Community Engagement Manager
    541-753-7208 ext. 205
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