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Director Henry Storch and son Levi pick up their order at the Native Plant Sale.

Native Plant Sale

Place your order from June 3 to July 6 for access to the full selection. Online catalog will close from July 7-August 14 and reopen August 15, then remain open until December 31 or until all plants are sold; whichever comes first. The order pick-up dates are  February 4th and 5th, 2022 at Davis Family Farm.

This year we are focusing on plants that create CONNECTIVITY. Native plants are essential components of healthy wildlife corridors!

Selling bulbs at Fall Festival.
Selling bulbs at Fall Festival.

Native Bulb & Seed Sale

Fall is the right time to plant native bulbs and seeds. We offer gorgeous native bulbs and seeds at our fall sale! Order online from September 1-30, then select a pick up time for mid-October by following the directions you receive via email.

Volunteer with Native Plants

If you love native plants, you will enjoy volunteering at one of our Native Plant Sales.

Native Plant Codes

If you have purchased native plants from us and you can’t remember what the code on the tag means, find out here.

Special Offers and Discounts Are you eligible to receive a discount on your native plant purchase? Find out.

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