river view
river view

Watershed Area

A watershed is an area of land that shares a common drainage, such as a river or lake. Oregon’s largest watershed is the Willamette Valley, which drains into the Willamette River. Roughly 70% of the state’s population lives in this watershed. More than ten watersheds are found within the boundaries of Benton County, with Marys River covering the largest area. The map on page 41 shows all of the watersheds that intersect with Benton County. Each of these watersheds is served by a watershed council. (see the maps on pages 41-43)

OSU red legged frog egg survey 4-2011 at Thornton Lake © A. Higinbotham
OSU red legged frog egg survey 4-2011 at Thornton Lake © A. Higinbotham

Water Ways

  • Willamette Mainstem Cooperative

    The Willamette Mainstem Cooperative is a collaboration of landowners, organizations, and volunteers working together to promote, facilitate, and foster long-term stewardship of Willamette River resources with a focus on the Corvallis to Albany river reach.

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  • Urban Creek Tours

    Benton Soil & Water Conservation District and our partners have been coordinating the Annual Creek Tours to show people fascinating locations around the city since 2008.  Now the Creek Tour brochures are all available on-line for you to take a self-guided tour of Dixon, Oak, Newton, Dunawi, and Jackson and Frazier Creeks! Check out our brochures, grab your bike and some friends, and enjoy beautiful sites found right in Benton County’s urban areas!

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Water Usage

Learn more about water usage in Oregon:

  • Water Rights
  • Domestic Water Use
  • Water Storage
  • Irrigation
  • Ground Water
  • Water Quality Management
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