Receive a 50% Discount on Your Plant Sale Order!

A riparian planting. © D. Schmitz

Yes, Benton SWCD will pay 50% of your tree and shrub purchase from our Native Plant Sale. To qualify, the trees and shrubs must be planted in a riparian area along a stream or river. Why are we offering this great deal with this simple stipulation? This question has many important answers, and here are our favorites:

1. Healthy riparian areas provide many important benefits.

  • Riparian areas provide habitat for birds and other wildlife.
  • Maintaining healthy vegetation along the streams protects banks from erosion and filters runoff.
  • Healthy riparian vegetation improves aquatic habitats by providing nutrients and shade.
  • Riparian vegetation increases habitat complexity and links upland and aquatic habitats.

2. Willamette Valley riparian habitats have been degraded and reduced in area. (See maps at end of article.)

  • Activities that have impacted riparian health include urban and rural development, logging, road building, agriculture, and pasture use.
  • These activities have caused increased sedimentation and elimination of large wood in streams.
  • Without healthy riparian areas, runoff contaminated with fertilizers and other pollutants impacts water quality and aquatic habitats.

Because riparian areas are so important, Benton SWCD is offering this great deal! We will pay 50% on orders up to $400, with a maximum cost share of $200. Contact Donna Schmitz at 541-753-7208 when you are ready to submit your order, or if you need assistance to choose the right plants for your property. Place your order soon – order deadline is January 31!