Soil Math, Trapdoor Spider and Grant Writing

JArmstrong wash ag

This is one of a series of blogs by OSU students who share the opportunities, experiences and benefits of SQP internships.

Jessica Armstrong

During my SQP project in spring 2011 I really enjoyed working with our data because of my Mathematics background. While I enjoy data, I also loved getting my hands dirty when collecting soil samples from local farms. The SQP solidified my interest in Soil Science as well as my understanding of active carbon levels in soil. The OSU URISC:Start grant that funded my project gave me a valuable experience creating my first grant proposal. One fun memory of my lab work was finding a trapdoor spider burrowed in a soil sample; he fell out of a soil clod but couldn’t fit his abdomen through the 8 mm sieve. The coolest part of my project was presenting my findings with the OSU Crop and Soil Science faculty.