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Lessons with George Ice
Teresa Matteson | February 19, 2021

Diverse natural landscapes managed by landowners who understand and appreciate the importance of ecosystem services are fundamental to what makes Benton County a mighty fine place to live and work. One such landowner is George Ice, past BSWCD Chair. For 35 years, George worked as a research forest hydrologist with the National Council for Air

Hundred Acre Wood: A Retirement Project
Jane Viehl | September 17, 2018

Managing a 100-acre farm is the adventure Jane and Larry Viehl chose for retirement. And while there’s been no end to the work, they are pleased they chose this retirement option instead of golfing in the desert or that beachfront condo in Florida.

Half Moon Bend Restoration Project Area © C. Durbecq
Half Moon Bend Restoration Project
Heath Keirstead | April 8, 2017

A 27 acre portion of a 115 acre parcel of the Willamette River Greenway, just north of Corvallis, is the site of a demonstration project for riparian forest restoration practices and future riparian forest ecology studies in a bottomland forest.

A Welcome to Spring
Holly Crosson | March 22, 2016

Holly Crosson shares her spring time sojourn into the wilds of Benton County.

Oregon white oak leaves
Oregon White Oak: cherished by human and butterfly alike
Lindsay Willrick | January 29, 2016

You can help keep oak woodlands, one of the most at risk habitats in the U.S., from going extinct.

tree diameters © D. Schmitz
Density Matters
Donna Schmitz | October 3, 2014

Planting density impacts the size and vigor that trees are able to attain.

A Word from Your Local NRCS Representative
Thomas Snyder | September 18, 2013

Learn a little more about your local NRCS representative in Benton County

Crystal and her wild bounty & copy; M. Knight
Adventures in Wild Harvesting
Crystal Durbecq | September 6, 2013

Everyone needs hobbies, one of mine happens to be the harvesting of wild edibles.

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