Prairie Soils for Sustainable Restoration

Andy and Logan characterizing prairie soils

Can information from the soil explain why some prairie restoration efforts are more successful than others? In 2016, the Prairie Soils for Sustainable Restoration project set out to find the answer, thanks to funding from Oregon Natural Resources Conservation Service. Read more »

Half Moon Bend Restoration Project

Half Moon Bend Restoration Project Area © C. Durbecq

A 27 acre portion of a 115 acre parcel of the Willamette River Greenway, just north of Corvallis, is the site of a demonstration project for riparian forest restoration practices and future riparian forest ecology studies in a bottomland forest. Read more »

Conservation Neighbor: Alan Ayres

Alan milling lumber for the Confluence Building.

As a youngster exploring the wild forests and streams of his home, Alan Ayres developed an appreciation for the abundant waters and lush vegetation that gave him comfort. Now he is working with The Confluence to create a sustainable office building in downtown Corvallis. Read more »

Conservation Neighbor: Jenny Brausch

Jenny at the water's edge

When asked what conservation challenges she faces, Jenny says the biggest one is when she feels that what she does doesn’t do enough. “Then I remember the butterfly effect. Success is seeing the work that BSWCD does.” Read more »

Conservation Neighbor: Molly Monroe

Momlly wearing a blue butterfly tshirt, releasing a monarch butterfly at a preschool event.

Molly Monroe, with her personal and professional dedication to conserving the natural world and its inhabitants, is a role model for all budding and even long-standing conservation practitioners. Read more about this inspiring conservation neighbor! Read more »

River Steward: Scott Youngblood

Scott Youngblood paddling on the Willamette. © L. Brown

When Scott Youngblood comes into the room, he doesn’t just bring a wealth of knowledge and a Southern drawl, he brings a contagious enthusiasm for conservation and restoration and an unparalleled love for the Willamette River. Read more »